End of the year wrap up and exciting news for 2014

Hello Gigglebugs,

Laugh a little, Play a little, Do a little dance!
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Our Biggest and Most Exciting News!

Delivery of our First Giggle Box!
Owen Keene received the first Giggle Box at his 10th Birthday Party and Fundraiser for his family. Owen has been diagnosed with Autism and in June of 2012 was also diagnosed with cancer! It was an amazing day for everyone who attended and we couldn't have been more thrilled to make him our first recipient. Owen already gets it! At one point during the festivities, he took the microphone from his Mom and announced" My Mom told me that it we think about the scarey stuff, it gets bigger, so I don't do that. I think about the fun stuff!'

Thank you Owen! You are the best!

A Great Day, Couldn't hold back the tears of Joy!
September 7, 2013

Prior to that amazing day we participated in another incredible event, The 46th annual Ozarks Antique Auto Auction and Swapmeet, sharing Joy and raising funds. 50,000 people attend this event held at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds from all over the country. Our biggest event yet!. It was a fun time and we got to reach lots of folks and show off the Giggle Bus.

We discovered there that of the 50,000 people attending, 40,000 of them were men, and we're guessing that at least 20,000 of them were single and over 45. So, we are considering a different kind of fun*raiser for next year. What do you think about a large tent with a banner that reads:
"Single Women Who Love Cool Cars!"
A Speed dating Tent! hah!

Later in September we were invited back to Wickman's Gardens Fall Festival as their Charity of Choice and had our best year there ever! Wickman's generously donated $500 and in addition we raised over $1700 through our dedicated face-painters, balloon clowns and game and booth volunteers and those who joined us. The weather and support were spectacular!
Thank you to all that came and played with us!

For Halloween we were back at Unity of Springfield for Spook Truncular with fun and games for the kids

We are pleased to announce Unity of Springfield sponsored us in the

Springfield Holiday Parade
. A major effort at 29 degrees with a wind chill as well. Extra special Thanks to all who donated candy, lights,helped and came out to the parade.
We still had fun!

Random Silliness

Behind the Scenes

We want to Thank Community Foundation of the Ozarks for two more awesome grants. One an educational grant to the Missouri State University Go Lead program and one an endowment building and hardware grant. We now have a new computer that belongs to Giggleboxes, some new software and were able to afford a holiday mailing.
We've been diligently working on the Giggle Box CD that will go into the boxes and also be for sale individually. Had hoped to have it ready before the holidays, but.......
Anyway, it should be ready to go soon and we are so excited.
A special Thank You to Empowerma Music  and the contributing artists for all their help!

Other Exciting News!
We have 3 new board members! Welcome Aboard the Giggle Bus! You are Loved and Appreciated!

Debby Steinhoff

Dottie Mullikin

 Pamela Brennamen

Here's the rest of the gang
Loved and Appreciated Beyond Measure!

Jan Massey

Jo Moon

Susan Dempsey
Still looking for a numbers person! Someone who appreciates the Joy in numbers and our mission. Please pass this along to anyone who might be interested in taking Giggleboxes to the next level. Thanks!
More Random Silliness!

There are so many folks to thank and Giggleboxes is so grateful to all of you for your continuing support.

Here's another way you can help. Why not consider a monthly giving plan and slip that $25 check in the mail or online. You'll be bringing joy-filled healing to a new family every month!

Remember, unless we love ourselves, we have nothing to give to another. Appreciation of what is, is the key.
You can do it!
Be Gentle on Yourself and Enjoy.
Love and Hugs,

P.S. Special Thanks to Project XXI for handling our web site! Couldn't do it without you John!

Here's your treat for reading all the way!

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  • Mercy Hospital
  • Kum & Go Stores
  • Community Foundation of the Ozarks
  • Lamar Advertising
  • Project XXI

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  • Riki Lipe
  • Jecobie Roberts
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  • Mama Jeans Markets
  • KTTS
  • BOB-FM
  • KOZL
  • KOLR
  • McSalty's Pizza on Sunshine
  • Hiland Dairy
  • Jackson Brothers Catering
  • Aleshire Robb PC
  • Skinny Improv Theater
  • Tag Magazine
  • SRC Corporation
GIGGLERS ($100-249)
  • Ozark Empire Fairgrounds Foundation
  • Tom Kelley's 1st Choice Auto
  • Carla Bass
  • Red Kite Marketing
  • Guen Page Photography
  • Silver Gypsy
  • David Zuhlke
  • Martin Stein
  • Cheryl Sallwasser
  • Carrie Jouflas
  • John Eichenlaub
  • Sunlight Window Well Systems, LLC
  • Mary & Dwane Koppler
  • Bush, Ramlow & Shore PC
  • Liberty Press
  • Carol Jones Realty
  • Anne Magoun
  • Carol & Michael Jehle
  • Michael Childress
  • Bob Heiffner
  • Teresa Kysor
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  • Tom Long
  • Anonymous
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