Greetings Giggle Bugs,

Vision: To heal lives with laughter and love.

Our Mission: To reawaken the life giving power of Joy, through laughter and play

Hello Dear Friends of Giggleboxes, we are looking forward to a spectacular new year full of amazing progress! Giggleboxes came so far this last year, even though sometimes it felt like we were moving at a snail's pace. We received the two educational grants from Community Foundation of the Ozarks. Both needed and appreciated greatly. We also received that awesome grant from St John's Children's Hospital for $2500. And ProjectXXI has been an incredible help with our web site development. Watch for our new look coming soon! We, also, so appreciated all the Community support we received this year.

Thank you all so much!

Year End Fundraising Campaign

I apologize for not letting you know sooner how this campaign turned out, but the donations are still coming in. As yet, we haven't reached our goal of $25,000, but we made some awesome progress. The donations we have received so far total $2000.


We are so close to having enough to purchase the 1000 Giggleboxes from the manufacturer($5800) and file federally for our own 501c3($400). We only need $1400 more. We currently have $4800 on hand.

A special note of thanks to the wonderful, amazing, anonymous donor who gave $1000. Please contact me and let me know who you are! So I may thank you personally! We Love You!

We are on our way to delivering Giggleboxes to the first group of hospitalized children with cancer. I thank all of you who have already donated to the cause, through dollars, in kind, volunteering, and with the emotional support that's helped us stay positive this last year. We truly appreciate all you've done and your continuing support.

Board Happenings

Our first board meeting took place December 27, 2011; the mission and vision were tweaked and officers were elected. Jan Massey, vice-chair, Jo Moon, secretary and Susan Dempsey, chairman and acting treasurer. Thank you, Jan and Jo for jumping on the Giggle Bus! We are still looking for several other board members, including our treasurer, so if our mission and vision excite and empower you, please contact me directly and I'll fill you in on what it entails. (

Jump on the Giggle Bus, today!

Keep Laughiní and Loviní,
Susan J. Dempsey
Executive Director, Chairman, Acting Treasurer