Something inside to make your Holiday sweeter and more fun!

Hello Gigglebugs,

Laugh a little, Play a little, Do a little dance!
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Our Biggest and Most Exciting News!
GREAT NEWS from the IRS.
We are officially a 501c3 organization.

This is a MAJOR milestone for us and deserves celebration!!!!!! Our startup date was officially Nov17, 2011!!!!
Thank You All
for hanging in there with us during the almost 3 years it took to hear back from the IRS and receive their stamp of approval!
Be assured all your donations so far, have been tax-deductible through our amazing partner,
Community Foundation of the Ozarks!


Another huge piece of news!
The Giggle Box Project board has expanded our mission to include ALL seriously ill children, not only children with cancer. This way we can better serve the kids in our own backyard until we can expand regionally and nationally!

In September we were invited back to Wickman's Gardens Fall Festival as one of their Charities of Choice and had our best year there ever! Wickman's generously donated $600 and  2 gift baskets which we were able to raffle off. In addition we raised over $1700 through our dedicated face-painters, balloon clowns and games and booth volunteers. The weather and support were spectacular!
Thank You Wickman's!!!! We Love You!!!

Special Thanks to Garland and Sprinkles the Clown for twisting balloons, Karen Lowry and De DeArmon for face-painting and the MSU Nursing College for volunteering all weekend! Coca Cola donated water this year and Jackson Brothers Catering came with their incredible Snickerdoodles as well.
Thank you to all that came and played with us! Hope you had as much fun as we did!

October was busy busy with several events.We started the month out at Wesley United Methodist church at their annual Jubilee for their neighborhood and congregation. What fun we had. Thanks so much for inviting us!

Our Board Member Debby and the Giggle Box

The final weekend in October we were back at Unity of Springfield for Urban Chicken Bingo and Spooktrunckular with fun and games for the kids
Click on the Giggle Bus Below!!!!
Watch a 1st place video from Empowerma Music.
"It's All Good!" by The Darcy Stevens Band
The Giggle Bus is one of the stars!!!

And remember you can get an MP3 of our CD "Happy Healthy Me" from Empowerma or just send an email and a $15 donation and she'll send you one. A great Holiday Gift that will spread Joy and Fun in your own family while sharing it with others!


Your $25 donation buys a Gigglebox for a seriously ill child and their family.
Here's another way you can help. Why not consider a monthly giving plan and slip that $25 check in the mail or online. You'll be bringing joy-filled healing to a new family every month!


Another really cool thing
happened this quarter!

Check it out for yourselves.

The Greater Good Science Center at USC's Berkley campus, provided an online class on the Science of Happiness. I attended and completed the class and was amazed at the content and science behind it.
Did you know there was science demonstrating the benefits of gratitude, awe or self compassion???
I sure didn't and was thrilled to find out.
Throughout the class, which was attended by 100,000 people from all over the world, the instructors offered Happiness Exercises in gratitude, empathy, awe, etc. It was truly amazing.

  Here is one of the
Happiness Exercises
they offered, for you to try.

Our Gift to you this Holiday!
Three Little Things

Once a day, either first thing in the morning or when you are ready to fall asleep, list 3 things you are grateful for. After just a few days you will notice how your whole outlook on life becomes brighter and more cheery!

This is the greatest gift you can give to your world this holiday season.

Make your holiday sweeter and have fun spreading Joy!

They are continuing to offer this self-paced class for free through their web site!
Giggleboxes is planning on integrating some of this material and perhaps the class itself into the delivery of our mission:
To reawaken the life-giving power of Joy through laughter and play.

Want to help us put this together????

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"The Giggle Box Project"
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January 8th, 2015
Board Meeting
February 14th, 2015
Love Day
February 26, 2015
Board Meeting
March 14th, 2015 
St. Patrick's Day Parade Springfield Mo
May 3-9th, 2015
World Laughter Week-

We've started prepping for World Laughter Week 2015 and would like to invite you to join us! 

Get together with your favorite organizations and create some fun way for you and yours to spread the joy during World Laughter Week!

Have fun while bringing the world closer together,
bit by bit!
Your Next Event. or Birthday Party
we will bring the
 Face Painters, Clowns, Games and Fun Delivered to Your Door
We are good friends with Santa too!


(You can donate items or money to buy them!)
  • Office Volunteers
  • Accountant
  • Attorney
  • 1000 Small Happy Pills
  • 1000 Boxes of markers/crayons
  • 1000 self-inflating mini Whoopee cushions
  • 2000 Wind-up toys
  • Electrical  and Interior Make-over for the Giggle Bus

The Giggle


  • Mercy Hospital
  • Kum & Go Stores
  • Community Foundation of the Ozarks
  • Lamar Advertising
  • Project XXI
  • Wickman's Gardens

BELLY LAUGHERS ($1000-2499)
  • Riki Lipe
  • Family Pharmacy
  • Jecobie Roberts
  • Ann Marie Rausch
  • Suzette Clayton
  • SRC Corporation
  • Village Inn Restaurants
  • Hoods Restaurant
  • Anonymous (3)

CHUCKLERS ($250-999)
  • Harry Sparks
  • Mercy Auxiliary Gift Shop
  • Denis' Place
  • Jumpmania
  • Mama Jeans Markets
  • KTXR
  • KY3TV
  • KTTS
  • BOB-FM
  • KOZL
  • KOLR
  • Wesley United Methodist
  • University Heights Baptist
  • Unity of Springfield
  • McSalty's Pizza
  • Hiland Dairy
  • Jackson Brothers Catering
  • Aleshire Robb PC
  • Skinny Improv Theater
  • Tag Magazine

GIGGLERS ($100-249)

  • Doug Brenaman
  • UPS Store S. National
  • Masterminds of Business
  • Ozark Empire Fairgrounds Foundation
  • Empowerma Music
  • Springfield Hospitality Club
  • Tom Kelley's 1st Choice Auto
  • Stephanie Sawdey
  • Carla Bass
  • Dee Albers Photography
  • Sandra King
  • M.O.B.
  • Red Kite Marketing
  • Guen Page Photography
  • Silver Gypsy
  • David Zuhlke
  • Martin Stein
  • Cheryl Sallwasser
  • Carrie Jouflas
  • John Eichenlaub
  • Sunlight Window Well Systems, LLC
  • Mary & Dwane Koppler
  • Bush, Ramlow & Shore PC
  • Liberty Press
  • Carol Jones Realty
  • Anne Magoun
  • Carol & Michael Jehle
  • Michael Childress
  • Bob Heiffner
  • Teresa Kysor
  • Irish Festival Assoc.
  • Robert Gray
  • Chris James
  • Hamels Foundation
  • Groove
  • Tom Long
  • Anonymous
  • Karen Lowry
  • Garland Owens
  • De DeArmon
  • Spangle the Clown
  • Sprinkles & Company
  • Past Yer Funnybone
  • Sunbeam the Clown
  • Sonshine D. Clown
  • Chopper the Clown
  • Daisy the Clown
Remember, unless we love ourselves, we have nothing to give to another. Appreciation of what is,
is the key.

You can do it!

Be Gentle on Yourself and Enjoy.
Try the Happiness Exercise and if you can we'd love to hear from you this year. Thanks!

Love, Hugs and Happy Holidays from All of us at Giggleboxes,

P.S.Special Thanks to Project XXI for handling our web site! Couldn't do it without you John!

Here's your treat for reading all the way!

PS. Drop us a note, (or check) we love hearing your laughter stories!

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