Our Mission: To provide a positive and tangible point of focus, through a fun tool kit, inspiring, empowering and uniting the patient and caregivers toward the deliberate use of love, laughter and joy within the healing process.

Greetings Giggle Bugs,

Hello dear friends of Giggleboxes we are ending this year in a wonderful place, looking forward to a spectacular new year full of amazing progress! Giggleboxes has come so far this year, even though sometimes it felt like we were moving at a snailís pace. We received the two educational grants from Community Foundation of the Ozarks. Both needed and appreciated greatly. We also received that awesome grant from St Johnís Childrenís Hospital for $2500.

Thank you so!

We are on our way to actually being able to deliver our first Giggleboxes to our first kids with cancer. I thank all of you who have already donated to the cause, through dollars, in kind, volunteering, and with the emotional support thatís helped us stay positive this last year. We truly appreciate all youíve done and your continued support.

Our goal this coming year is to be able to give a Gigglebox to 1000 kids and their families!!!

Each $25 donation equals one Gigglebox delivered and spreading, not only joy, emotional and potential physical healing, but also empowering all involved. Each discovering their own ability to turn their focus in a positive direction even under the most trying circumstances. It takes courage and faith but we all can do it. A Gigglebox is the tool and the reminder that we have this power, ability within us. This is a reawakening that can only change lives and our world for the better and will ripple out in waves of laughter and joy!

I realize that many organizations are in need of your help and asking this time of year and all are worthy and doing wonderful work. I also ask that you keep Giggleboxes in mind and consider this groundbreaking project in your yearend giving. Please help us bring a positive perspective, deliberately into the healing process.

We do now have our own non-profit status through the State of Missouri, and still have our Federal Tax Deductible status through Community Foundation of the Ozarks, so your gift will meet any tax requirements you may need. You may donate on line by clicking the above links, or mail your check to the address below. Please feel free to forward this to anyone else you think would be interested in supporting this mission. Thanks!

Hereís hoping your holidays have been a time of gratitude and wonder and please accept our sincerest wishes for a Joy filled year to come and your own ever increasing awareness of your power within to choose the brighter side!

Life is good, and ours to enjoy!
Keep Laughiní and Loviní,

Susan Dempsey
Executive Director

Giggleboxes 701 S. Kentwood Ave. Springfield, MO 65802 417-368-3259