Hello Gigglebugs,

Yeah, It's Finally Spring!!!!
(If your looking at this on your phone, make sure you go all the way to the end or you'll miss some funnies!)
Pay it Forward Birthday Party!
Special Thanks to Jeremiah for offering to fore go his presents and ask his classmates to bring toys for the Giggleboxes instead!
What ya put out, you get back Jeremiah, so you can expect a windfall of fun stuff!
Jeremiah's friends and family brought 282 items to donate to our sick kids!
Way to Go!!!
It's Coming

Thanks also go to the Hospitality Club for making us their charity of choice for their January Luncheon! We had a great time!
Thank you so much for your generosity!


In February we delivered our first Giggleboxes to Mercy Children's Hospital! What a joy that was in between snow storms!

It's Coming!

Another Really Cool Milestone
was accomplished this winter!
An instant pick me up for whenever you need a boost!

For 2 years we have been working with the incredible professional musicians of Empowerma Music and Arts to create a compilation CD of uplifting fun songs for Kids of All ages to put in the Giggleboxes and sell as a fundraiser. We can't thank all these artists enough and hope you check out their other amazing music offered through

It's Done!!!     
Here it is!!!

Happy Healthy Me!

You can purchase a CD directly from Giggleboxes, by emailing They are $15 each, plus a little for shipping and if you would like a dozen or more as gifts or to retail, we can get those to you at a quantity price,as well. Just write and let us know. The MP3 version will be available at Empowerma Music and Arts.
We'd also like to thank Ray Toney and Marge Hand for the use of their title, Happy Healthy, Ann Marie Rausch for her incredible artwork. and the folks at Copy Cats Media printing.
It's still coming!

Big things are underway, so hold onto your hats!

Board Retreat March 8+9
What a super board the Giggle Box project has! All Hard Work and No Play!
If you believe that, we've got some land in Florida you've just got to see!
Here's our Awesome Board, below,
Pamela Brennaman,secretary,
Lynn Henniger, treasurer,
Dottie Mullikin, chairperson
Jan Massey, vice-chair and
Debby Steinhoff, volunteer coordinator.
Susan Dempsey resigned from the board at the retreat and is now our Executive Director. She and we couldn't be happier serving in our current positions!


For a bio on each of these amazing women, click on their picture and it will take you to our web site and all the info you could want!

Still Coming..
Almost Here!.


What a thrill !!!
Spring has Sprung and the Sap is Running!


In March we received an awesome reprieve from the weather with One Spectacular Day for Springfield's St. Pat's Annual Parade! I have never seen so many come out and enjoy the incredible Sunshiny and Warm day!
What a treat and a great gang of Volunteers!

I heard we won second place for "Craziest Contraption" too!


Almost here!


It's Here!!!

Take Your Nose


Work Week!!!!

Your Favorite Work Week of the Year!!!

May 4th thru 11th

Get Your Noses
out of the books,
drawers, pockets,
glove compartments,
pick the dust off
get them on your faces


World Laughter Week!

We've had an incredible outpouring of support this year for our celebration of World Laughter Week.
Our beloved Nose Posers this year are Springfield's Mayor, Robert Stephens, a former Missouri Senator, Roseann Bentley and one of our local TV anchormen from KY3, Steve Grant.
Check them out below on the billboards donated, again this year, from our good friends at LaMar Advertising!

The Springfield Community has jumped into the celebration of World Laughter Week as well. There are Senior Centers, MSU and Drury University students, Improv groups, Churches, many different businesses and I even heard that Springfield Public Schools is working on something fun for the week!
We are thrilled!
We invite you to engage all your friends, and community to play along.!

The more we laugh together, the more understanding and compassion
we have for each other,
the closer we become,
bringing our world together.
It's awful hard to hate someone you've laughed with!

Children laugh 400 times a day and share their love easily.
Adults laugh an average
11 times a day.
What can you do to make a difference in our world?
Could it be as easy as
connecting with someone,
maybe even a stranger,
in laughter???

"I never met a man I didn't like!"
Will Rogers

It is that easy!

It may not happen over night,
but it will happen and
we can be part of the solution!

Find someone to laugh with

No Kidding!
And if you need some noses, just email
and in the subject line write,

"I Need Noses Pronto!"
or go to our web site and
pick one up at one of the
many locations around the Ozarks.

Win Prizes!!!

Remember to get in our
Fun Foto Contest Too, 

There are group and an individual categories with awesome prizes donated from local merchants!

Here's some of last years winners.!

Please share your fun stories with us during World Laughter Week in the photo contest or by emailing

Special Thanks
go out to our sponsors, SRC Re-manufacturing, KTXR,
and Unity of Springfield.

Have Fun,
It's Good for You!


Random Silliness

Here's another way you can help. Why not consider a monthly giving plan and slip that $25 check in the mail or online. You'll be bringing joy-filled healing to a new family every month!
Click on the picture

There are so many folks to thank and Giggleboxes is so grateful to all of you for your continuing support.

Remember, unless we love ourselves, we have nothing to give to another. Appreciation of what is, is the key.
You can do it!
Be Gentle on Yourself and Enjoy.
Love, Hugs and Laughter,

P.S.Special Thanks to Project XXI for handling our web site! Couldn't do it without you John!

Here's your treat for reading all the way!

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To reawaken the
life-giving power
of Joy,
thru laughter and play.


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Spread Joy and Donate Today!
May 4th-11th

World Laughter Week
(stay tuned for
upcoming events)

May 22nd
Board Meeting

June 13th & 14th
June Bug Jamboree

June 27th
Board Meeting

Your Birthday Party or Event.  Face Painters, Clowns, Games and Fun Delivered to Your Door  



(You can donate items or money to buy them!)
  • Office Volunteer
  • Accountant
  • Attorney
  • 1000 Boxes of markers/crayons
  • 1000 self-inflating mini Whoopee cushions
  • 2000 Wind-up toys
  • Electrical  and Interior Make-over for the Giggle Bus


The Giggle


  • Mercy Hospital
  • Kum & Go Stores
  • Community Foundation of the Ozarks
  • Lamar Advertising
  • Project XXI

BELLY LAUGHERS ($1000-2499)

CHUCKLERS ($250-999)

GIGGLERS ($100-249)

  • Doug Brenaman
  • Ozark Empire Fairgrounds Foundation
  • Empowerma Music
  • Springfield Hospitality Club
  • Tom Kelley's 1st Choice Auto
  • Stephanie Sawdey
  • Carla Bass
  • Dee Albers Photography
  • Sandra King
  • M.O.B.
  • Red Kite Marketing
  • Guen Page Photography
  • Silver Gypsy
  • David Zuhlke
  • Martin Stein
  • Cheryl Sallwasser
  • Carrie Jouflas
  • John Eichenlaub
  • Sunlight Window Well Systems, LLC
  • Mary & Dwane Koppler
  • Bush, Ramlow & Shore PC
  • Liberty Press
  • Carol Jones Realty
  • Anne Magoun
  • Carol & Michael Jehle
  • Michael Childress
  • Bob Heiffner
  • Teresa Kysor
  • Irish Festival Assoc.
  • Robert Gray
  • Chris James
  • Hamels Foundation
  • Groove
  • Tom Long
  • Anonymous
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Random Silliness
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